Your Donations at Work

Improvements and Repairs

Your donations make it possible for the campground to make much needed repairs that are not included in the regular budget. By donating materials, time and/or money, Hidden Lakes has been able to make these improvements without using money for day-to-day operations.

  • FENCE ALONG TOWNSHIP ROAD 108: The progress on this fence has been slow, but steady, with volunteers donating their time, money and materials.
  • FENCE AROUND BARN: The fence around the barn was completed in 2017 and was done entirely with donated money, supplies and time. This fence helps keep the campground clean and protect the barn from theft and damage.
  • PICNIC TABLES AT CLUB HOUSE: Tables have been donated several times by members in the past and in 2018, new tables were donated by again. The old tables will be repaired and repurposed to use in other areas of the campground.
  • CLUB HOUSE: In 2017 paint, labor, flooring and other materials were donated by members to freshen up the kitchen and Club House. 
  • FENCE AROUND POOL: In 2018, the privacy fence area was removed and new, donated chairlink fence was installed for better security.
  • ROOF ON YOUTH CENTER: Many volunteers got together, on some hot days, and put a new metal roof on the Youth Center.
  • NEW ELECTRICAL BOXES ON OVERNIGHT CAMP SIGHTS: In 2018, members of our present and past board volunteered their time to replace and upgrade all the electrical boxes on the overnight camping lots.

These are just a few of the many, many member inprovements and donations that have been made in recent years. 



  • Tile and building supplies for the showers, donated by Kathy Rapp


  • Fencing for Pool, donated by Kathy Rapp