Crafting, Activities, Parties, Movies and So Much More!

The youth center at Hidden Lakes is the labor of love of many of our current and past members. Funds were raised, and are still donated, to maintain the youth center for our younger campers. 

The youth center is open from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. The hours of operation are posted outside the door of youth center. Even though the youth center may be closed in the off-season, many events continue for our younger campers including an Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas party. We always welcome donations for these events and the schedule along with sign-up list will be posted later.

During the season, events may include a Miss/Mr. Hidden Lakes Pageant, Fishing Derby, Parties, Dances, Swimming Parties and so much more. These events will be posted.

The youth center at Hidden Lakes takes pride in the fact that they are self-supporting. They manage this by selling merchandise, having bake and other sales to raise money. Also available in the youth center are worms, pop, candy, chips and other kinds of snacks.

Donations for Events

The youth center would not be able to offer some of the activities and events for our younger campers without your help. We gladly accept donations of all forms including: cleaning supplies, cups, plates, napkins, candy, hot dogs, buns, other food items, drinks, cupcakes, cakes, etc. We also accept items for Christmas including unwrapped gifts, wrapping paper, money donations, food donations, etc. We also need your time to help with events. If you would like to donate time or items to the youth center, please contact the office.

Although we appreciate all donations from our members, we want to keep our youth center clean and clear of broken items or unworking electronics, so the youth center director reserves the right to not accept broken or non-working items.

Youth Center Rules

The youth center is designed to provide constructive activity for our youth, it is not a free babysitting center.

  • No child too young to manage his or her own restroom needs shall be left in the youth center without a parent or guardian.
  • All small youths must have emergency contact information to provide to the youth director.
  • Youths must not be left at the youth center beyond closing time.
  • Children under 12 must be picked up by a responsibile person after dark.
  • No smoking, profanity, weapons, fighting, or alcohol permitted in or near the youth center.
  • Parents will be responsible for the misconduct of their youth including intentional damage to gaming equipment or activity supplies.
  • Youths may be required to leave the youth center for improper conduct and may be suspended from use for a period of time by the youth director. Suspension of usage may be up to six month for violators.

Do You Have More Pageant Photos

The HL Pageant was a huge success. There were two winners in each category. Each winner received a crown and a $10 gift card. All participants received a goodie bag.

Thank you everyone who donated to the youth center to make this another memorable event. Thank you judges for taking time out of your busy day for this special event for our kids.

If you have better or additional photos of the pageant, please send them to for submission to this page.